Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm alive

I haven't dropped off the earth. I haven't been online much, and while I've been knitting, I don't have that much to post about. I do have a small FO to post... but I'm currently on vacation, and haven't bothered with taking pics yet. I've been working on both the LG and GG sweaters, got yarn for a couple new undecided projects, but mostly have had sewing on my mind lately. I think it's because of the warm spell we had that convinced me I wouldn't be needing warm things any more, until today when the temperature dropped 20 degrees F. I've got a sleeve finished for the LG, and about half a sleeve finished for the GG. I will not knit on ANYTHING else until both of these are done, darnit! I am so ready to finish GG, and LG is going so quickly that if I don't finish soon, you'll know it's totally out of neglect.

Pics to come soon! Also, pics of a purse I'm sewing. It's going to be totally cute, so keep a lookout for it! :-D

I'll also talk about the book I won in a contest next time I post. I'll be home, and more inclined to use a computer than I am now.

I also finally found THE CABLE used for the Delphine sweater! It really looks just like it! It's on page 100 of Gisela Klopper's Beautiful Knitting Patterns. I saw it today and just couldn't believe it! But I didn't get to buy the book yet. I wasn't expecting to buy a book today, and didn't have the cash on me. I will get it for sure, and then I can return to the Delphine sweater. Joy, oh joy!

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Karin said...

looking forward to your FO's! Especially any sewing....your blog always encourages me to sew more!