Saturday, March 24, 2007

I have dress envy

Aside from study for multiple exams I have next week, what do you think I did today? Perhaps tried to rescue the disaster from the last post? Nope. How about knit on the Gatsby Girl? Nope. What about one of the other hundred projects I've started and not yet completed, then? Nope.

I cut out the muslin for Vogue 8280. Hopefully I'll be more pleased with this than the Burda shirt. I did finally crochet the edge of the LG wrap sweater, though, and wove the ends in. It's complete, I guess, but I still haven't found anything to close it with that satisfies me. I wore it on a cool day fastened with a cute little butterfly pin, but the pin is a bit heavy, and, being old, gave me a hard time getting it undone later.

If you happen to see any fabric with a print like that used for the dress "Rhoda" from this site, please, please, please let me know! I saw Stacey London wearing this on WNTW yesterday, and now I really want to make something similar! I just love all the black and white with splashes of pink, so fun! And how they brought the pink out with the trim. I've been obsessing over the thought since I saw the dress. I also totally love Barclay , Blair, and May in the black/white fabric. Any pattern suggestions there? Hehe. Unfortunately, I think I love planning new projects more than finishing old ones, but fear not, the old ones will get done (except I haven't yet decided about the Burda blouse).

Edited to add: Oh, and thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I did not get to knit, but I did have a wonderful birthday, complete with a fabulous crawfish boil! :-D


stacy said...

Have you tried Gorgeous Things Fabrics?

She has some fabrics that are slightly different, but look similar to your inspiration dress. She even has some silk printed jersey fabrics! I hope you find something that will work, that dress is beautiful.

Karin said...

I know I'm late to the party, but I thought that top looked pretty cute on you. I liked it with the tie at the waist the best. It makes me think of a 50s waitress--I mean that as a compliment!

I love that first dress you linked to in this post too!!!