Thursday, July 20, 2006

Inside my jewelry chest

Once upon a time, a girl searched and searched to find the perfect jewelry chest. She could never find one she liked, and though many would have said any box would be better than the Ziploc bags in which she stored her jewelry, she refused to lower her standards. Finally, she did find a box she loved, and the search was over.

Now that she finally has that box, she has quickly filled it with beautiful jewelry she adores.

Now she is eager to show you some special treasures stored inside!
If you look very closely below, you can spot the pieces:

Here's an even closer look:

It's some of the fused glass jewelry I've been making!
Here is each piece up close. The flash and the glass don't get along well, so please excuse the blurry pictures!
This is a pendant I made for my mom:

My first pair of earrings. I call them Mardi Gras Rocks:

Another pair of earrings. I call them Pinkies:

My favorite pair so far, and the hardest to photograph. They don't have a name yet. What should I call them?

There will be lots more. It is so fun, and we can make as many small pieces as we want and have time for. That means lots more earrings (most of them as gifts)! Please excuse any typos... it is past my bedtime!

Almost done with the sleeves on Rose. CANNOT wait to have this one finished!!

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