Saturday, February 28, 2009


I finished Dusty's Batman dicebag, and it is a huge hit - he and all his friends think it's awesome! So yay!

Mardi Gras was fun - we usually go to the FQ, but only during the day; we left at 4pm. We ate chargrilled oysters at Acme (yum!!!! - best part of MG!) and walked around, particularly enjoying the costumes on St. Ann's Street. Got some great pictures!

Oh, I finally learned the named of my favorite flower - odd, as it's been my favorite my entire life, and I see it yearly, since they grow wild here. But I never thought to ask before, since I had my own name for them anyway. My friend Jenny is a plant person and she enlightened me when I was talking about how I want a garden full of them and daffodils (though I don't think they bloom at the same time, also I think daffodils don't grow so well around here as we don't have the cold weather they require, so they apparently get refrigerated). Anyway, it's Lycoris radiata, also called "Hurricane Lilies" and "Spider Lilies" (but not the Spider Lilies I think of when I think of spider lilies).

Beautiful, no?

Still working on the quilt. Tying is supposed to be quick, but I am finding it very tedious.

I MUST stop getting bored with my knitting projects. Sigh...

How are all these people on Craftster and Ravelry so amazingly creative and talented?!

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KlarinetteGal said...

That's a pretty awesome bag. :) My hubby and I went down to N.O. back in 2001 during August, and we still think of that as our best vacation ever. We stayed at the Hilton on the River and were there with ClarinetFest. It was great. Not really sure I'm a Mardi Gras kinda person, though. It was much calmer in August. LOL