Sunday, February 04, 2007

FOs! (Bet ya didn't even know I was working on them)

I have two FOs to show ya! First, I test knit for Sylvie's Cactus Mittenettes. I love this pattern, and these gloves! They are SO EASY. SO QUICK. And I don't even have to say "SO CUTE," because you will see that shortly! I knit these in less than a weekend (really, less than 2 hrs/mitt, I think), in worsted Plymouth Galway, some green color I had lying around. The green is actually much brighter than the picture. I really recommend this pattern; I think it will make great last minute gifts, and not to mention very nice for those balls of splurge yarn! The Galway was a little scratchy, but softened up nicely after a soak in hair conditioner. I probably have half a ball left... definitely enough for another pair. My non-knitting roommate admired them, and I think I may whip her up a pair. Anyway, on with the pics! Please excuse the poor quality, as I took these with my camera phone... my digicam needs batteries.

The next FO is a hat I started awhile back. It's a pattern made up by a member of LJ's Knitting community, and the pattern can be found here (scroll down to the comments to find it). I used a random yarn found at Goodwill, it had no label but I'm fairly sure it's 100% acrylic. The color is very pretty, and it was $.50, so I had to get it. I wanted to make the hat longer than in the pattern, but I started worrying that I wouldn't have enough, so I didn't. Turns out I had plenty left to do a few more rows, but oh well. It covers my ears if I pull down hard enough, and the yarn is not very warm anyway. I'm happy with it. It's nice for cool, but not cold, days, and for bad hair days as well. If I knit another, it will be in a nice, warm yarn, and I will make sure it covers my ears. I'd love another, but knitting the dream swatch for 18 or 19 inches on size 2 needles seemed to take FOREVER, which is why I started this nearly the day the pattern was posted, and just now finished it. As usual, please forgive the lack of makeup.

Also, anyone want to get rid of their copy of the Nov 2003 Spring IK? Hehe. I really want to knit the Remembering Honey sweater in there!

In the sewing news, I got this pattern. It reminds me of the Kara Janx Kimono Dress. If only it had the fantastic sleeves! Now to find fabric to get that look!

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Oh, I really like the Kimono dress, it's hot. Of course, I have a bit of a Japanese culture obsession. lol

Can I just say how funny and random it is that I decided to stalk your blog after posting on craftster? Mostly because my name is Crystal too. And you spell it the right way, kudos. :)