Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Pattern, Finally!

I've wanted this pattern for a long time, but haven't placed a KP order in awhile, so I'd been delaying ordering it. It finally went up for automatic download, so I got it! It's the Kimono Styled Sweater. I've been thinking about what yarn to use for it, because I think after I finish several of my current projects, I am going to start this one up immediately, since I have wanted to make it for so long. Of course, I could, and may, use Merino Style, but after working with Rowan Felted Tweed, and seeing how fabulous it looks with cables, I am thinking of using that. I'm not sure, because this sweater is more heavily cabled than Gatsby Girl, so it may not be a good choice. And I'm not sure if the tweedyness would look right with the styling of the sweater... of course, I was unsure of that with the GG, too, and now I think it enhances it! I absolutely adore the yarn, and WILL definitely use it again for a sweater, and for anything else. I can even see myself getting single balls of this yarn to make hats/gloves with... and I never randomly pick up just one ball of yarn. I am thinking particularly of the color Melody. What is your opinion?

Another thing, I'm not sure about the sleeves. There is no shaping for the sleeves at all. Should I try to add shaping?

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sulu-design said...

Oooh! I love the pattern. Sorry - I can offer no advice about the shaping, but it's a fabulous design!