Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FO - Rambling Rose (at last!!)

Yes, that's right... I finally finished Rambling Rose today! I'm not sure yet what I think, but I did take a couple of bad shots in front of the mirror to give an idea of how it looks. I'll try to get some better photos later on.

Pattern: Rambling Rose from Rowan 39
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fine in Victorian Pink
Needles: Susan Bates size 1 circulars, Addi Turbo size 2 circulars, 24 or 29"
Modifications: No intentional ones. I messed up and made the bottom ribbing about 1 cm too short (by the way, this project was great for getting me to know metric better, since everything is in cm), and I may have done the shaping wrong around the shoulders and sleeves, since the pattern was a little confusing to me... but it all worked out in the end, so I don't think I did mess that up.

I'm happy with the knitting, overall... I think my seaming should be better, and the cotton is not very forgiving, so I can tell even minor problems with the stitches, but I think the sweater looks beautiful... on me, however... I'm not so sure. I kinda feel that it may make me look fat, and I'm still not sure about the roses, as much as I love them. I like this yarn as well as I reckon I could like any cotton fingering weight yarn... it is very soft, and I am loving how it feels against my skin, although knitting with it was tiring at times. I didn't really learn any new techniques with this piece, but I am happy with the finished product, although I don't know how frequently I'll wear it... or if I'll ever get the nerve to give it a public appearance!


christine said...

i love it! it's *perfect* in pink, and the roses and the ribbon give a super victorian feel. great job :) :) hope to see more pix as well...

Melissa said...

Love it!
Just found you on a list of Louisiana knitters and thought I'd say Hi

Elizabeth said...

Wow! It looks great. I love the pink on you. I really want to finish mine... gotta get movin' on that.

Jade Astra said...

I am thinking of making this sweater (though, I'll be reverse-engineering the Rowan pattern, and will be using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece--size 3 needles for the rib, and 5s for the body)--yours looks awesome--I wish my yarn was that shade! said...

I absolutely love this sweater. I really like that pink. I'd love to make it but I can't seem to find the magazine anywhere and I only want this pattern from it anyways. Do you have any suggestions of where I could get just this pattern?

Thanks. Again, beautiful sweater. Looks really good on you.