Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Am I bad?

Is it bad to drop the two projects you're working on, that you've been dying to make for so long, and really want to work on, out of frustration, and instead, start on something completely new?

If so, then I am bad. Instead of working on the Spencer or the Butterfly, I swatched for the Gatsby Girl pullover from the new IK. It is my favorite thing in the issue, and one of the loveliest sweaters I've seen in a long time. It's sooo elegant! It calls for a DK weight, but I thought I could possibly get gauge using a worsted, and tried Cascade 220 superwash in a lovely shade of a deep, peacockish teal... at least, that was the shade it looked in the store. Here, it appears to be more of a hunter green, at least to someone who's been staring at it for an extended amount of time. I'm not sure I like the hunter-greenishness of it. I loved the teal. The Cascade is nice, but I really think the less-expensive Knitpicks' Swish is much softer and more pleasant to knit. I've been bragging so much about this yarn lately, but I really think it is nearly the perfect yarn - soft, pleasant to knit, washable, affordable. In a word, wonderful. Imo, the Cascade has only two advantages over it - a greater range of colors, and probably a greater availability (although not to me normally, since there isn't a yarn store near me unless I'm visiting down South Louisiana).

At least I don't have to feel bad about not picking up an old project when these two started giving me problems - they are all at home! Though I really wish I'd brought the Noro Butterfly, since it's really been going along well, and it's a simple tv, distraction friendly project.

I WANT to knit the Spencer so badly! I didn't want to put it aside for any reason, but I am having a major problem with the chart, and can't figure out what I'm doing incorrectly. I've wanted to make this thing since I saw it, and particularly since I saw a modified version of it, lengthened and given a flared rib. I hope I can figure all that out... assuming I ever figure out what I'm doing wrong on the chart now. I also couldn't love the color I chose for it more. I am really disappointed, because I figured this would be a knit that forced my attention, but was still do-able. My heart is broken. :-(

Ripping out lace sucks. I can't even talk about Butterfly right now. It's too painful.

Ok, so I'm being a drama queen, but I really do wish these projects were going better!

Oh yeah, and I wore Rambling Rose to the yarn store today... what a reaction I received! All the ladies there thought it was just beautiful, and were very impressed with my knitting... I guess they didn't realize how simple it really was! I was very pleased, considering that I was unsure of wearing it and worried that it didn't look right on me, or looked "grandmaish."

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Elizabeth said...

You know, I do this all the time - I don't think there's anything wrong with it. You've got to go with it when inspiration strikes. I can't wait to start the GG pullover - after Rambling Rose is done! glad to hear your RR got such a great reaction - not that I'm surprised.