Monday, April 13, 2009

Paintings and Etching

I've been experimenting with Armor Glass Etching Cream. Pretty cool stuff! I saw a tutorial on Craftster on making stencils for etching with fabric paints and tried that. It worked well for the design that wasn't highly detailed, but the really detailed ones I did needed contact paper for stencils... of course, I didn't have any contact paper, so I used Hallmark self-adhesive wrapping paper instead. It worked decently, but I think I really need to get contact paper for future projects. I also need to be more careful with the Exacto knife, as I cut myself around three times in one hour. I only bought one vase to try the etching cream on, and then after I'd used it and thought it was so neat, I started etching things like my WoodWick Candle jars and my reed diffuser bottles. I found some cool tattoo designs online to use. It was hard to get pictures of the results, but I will post the best I managed. The candle was my favorite, but I couldn't get a photo because the candle was a cream colored one (frosted cookie, mmm!), and the etching hardly shows (you have to look very closely). But here are the vase and the reed diffusers.
The first is a swallow tattoo design. The second is a fat little bird I freehanded. The last one is a phoenix tattoo design.

I also have two paintings to show! One (the Jazz Club) is a CorksnCanvas painting, and the other is only done in that style.

I'm still working on the Quilt of Doom, and have started Sylvi, although I have had little time to work on either as the semester is coming to a close and that means lots of work with little time in which to do it. Hopefully I will be able to finish the Quilt soon.

By the way, if ever again I say "How hard can it be?," refer me to the Quilt of Doom.