Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New Use for Buttons!

I don't make jewelry often, mainly due to a lack of supplies and time (since I focus more on other areas of crafting), but I thought of a pair of earrings that sounded really cute, and decided to try it out. I like the result! The earrings are not quite as "dangly" as I'd like since - don't tell anyone - I used picture hanging wire as I didn't have anything else to work with, but overall, I'm very happy with them, and can only imagine they will get better when I get more supplies! Ghetto, right? Haha. Well, as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work." So I did. :-D

I think I may have found a use for all those random buttons I have! :-D

And thank you all for the comments on Gatsby Girl!

Oh, and I wore the LG wrap sweater today since it was chilly, but not cold enough for GG. It was so nice! I really love this sweater. I recommend it to anyone! I plan to take pictures wearing it completely finished, but I'm linking it as an FO for now, anyway. It doesn't look THAT different than the last picture.


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Tany said...

Very pretty earings!! Well done!

sulu-design said...

Look at you and your creative self! Adorable earrings!