Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SWAP (sewing with a plan)

Lots of people on the PR board are doing a program called "Sewing with a Plan (SWAP)." I am really intrigued by the idea, because it consists of choosing a print, and using those colors as a basis for a wardrobe that coordinates. Of course, I need to get my sewing skills up a level or two, so that I'll feel confident taking on such a task!

But the idea of a wardrobe that goes together so well, so that you don't have to spend so much time thinking "Does this match? Will someone think a 5 yr old picked out my outfit if I wear this?" is just really... well, stress free, I guess. Like, I think of it, and my muscles relax. Haha. I wouldn't want every article of clothing in my wardrobe to be the same 2 or 3 colors, but I would love to have several outfits that I could depend on. Since I normally just grab the first things I see that might look ok together and go, this idea is really tempting.

And I already wear so much pink that it would definitely need to be one of my colors. Thinking of the colors I wear most, they are: pink, red, blue. I don't know about a neutral though (which I assume I'd need?), black is dependable, and Dusty thinks I wear black well, but whenever I put it on, I feel like I should be at my own funeral... I'm so pale, haha. Maybe chocolate brown or grey. I like both of those for neutrals. Of course, since it's summer, khaki is a good idea.

For anyone as interested in this idea as I, one of the members of PR posted her template, which seems like a good starting point for all the pieces you'd need to do. I'll link it here, but just want to point out it's not mine! SWAP wardrobe template. In addition to this, I would like to do a dress or two. Every summer, I dream of dresses, but never find any I like that aren't too fancy for everyday wear.

Since I'm starting so late, and I know this is going to take forever, my biggest problem is... should I focus on summery type things? I am thinking yes, since La's weather means that summer is the main season and pretty much lasts the length of 3 seasons everywhere else. Plus, I tend to wear the same colors throughout the year, though in the fall and winter I do wear some darker shades, but not all.

This is going to be a big, complicated undertaking, though I feel it will help simplify my life when it's done. But still... finding fabrics (because I hardly have any), and I really don't have it in my budget to ever buy a large amount of fabric at a time. And finding that much time to sew! It takes me such a long time to sew anything. I just can't imagine being able to sew so many pieces. And then there's patterns. I already have some patterns I'd like to use, and a couple more in mind. Actually, honestly, I have patterns for all but maybe 2 shirts and capris or shorts if I decide to make any, but most of those patterns are in the 3 Burda WOF mags I have, and their patterns only come down to a 36", while I use a 34" normally, so I'd have a lot of resizing to do. Plus a lot of pattern tracing to do, which I hate. Yes, I normally cut patterns. I just don't have the time to trace every single pattern. Maybe someday I'll regret it, but I really hope not! :-)

I'll post later with ideas for patterns, I think. I already have thought of a couple of tops I've been wanting for awhile, so I think I'll plan them into this.

Oh, and I'll try to match some knits in this, too, but as I already have yarn for several projects in other colors, they won't all go. Which is fine by me... variety is the spice of life!

Edited to add: Link to patterns I'm considering for my SWAP on Flickr. They're not listed in the order I like them or anything like that. And of course, I will be choosing from these, not attempting all of them! I left a pretty broad range because I have to find fabrics, and wanted to have options. Tell me what you think! :-)

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Michelle said...

I've been feeling the sewing bug coming on lately (without actually going so far as too look at patterns or fabrics yet), and looking at your pattern ideas is definitely pushing me more in that direction. I would love to have at least 75% of those patterns myself! (Especially some of the tops and dresses--love them!)

I'd love to see what you do with some of them. :)