Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Knitting Needle Case

I finally got tired of having my knitting notions everywhere, and decided to actually get around to sewing a knitting needle case. I'd intentionally planned on using a craftster tutorial, and it probably would look better if I had, but I didn't. I winged it and I am still happy with it - it's not perfect, but it will hold everything I currently have, and I think there is even room for a few more things. Not all of my knitting needles are in the case right now, since I literally have so many projects "on the needles!" Also, I LOVE this fabric so much, and think it makes up for the many any imperfections in the sewing. Eventually, it will close with pretty red ribbon, but since I didn't have any available right now, I just used red acrylic yarn. Please excuse the gross looking plastic-covered dorm mattress - I promise it's clean(not that I sleep on it, there are sheets on my bed... this is the extra)!

I forgot to take a picture of it unrolled to show the outside fabric, but here are a couple of pictures I took when I first got the fabric:


Rolled Up:

It holds my straights, circulars, dpns (I hardly have any!), cable needles, crochet hooks, scissors, measuring tape, needle felting needles (I have some to try it, but couldn't get the hang of it when I did), stitch holders, a pen and a needle-sizer, and a small ziploc bag holding my stitch markers and row counters. I have to think of a better way to store those! Anyone?

Yes, it's bulky holding that much stuff, but at least everything is easy to keep up with now! I think I am going to make a smaller one later.

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