Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sewing is great because...

I saw and adore this dress. Here are some pics in case you don't feel like clicking the link.

It's gorgeous, but it's also $550! OMG, who pays that much for a dress? Or any piece of clothing, for that matter? Not I. So, thanks to the lovely ladies at Pattern Review, I'll be making this dress for a very small fraction of the price. I'll use view D of Vogue 8280, and some eyelet fabric I'll be ordering online. It is going to be divine! I've been told how to do the white panels under the black eyelet, and am hoping for tips on how to give the pattern a v-back like the dress has, and (maybe) how to move the zipper to the side, instead of the back. Maybe I'll finally have found that perfect "little black dress" that has always eluded me?

In other sewing news, I made myself proud today. I was given a dress as a gift, but it turned out to be too large, and I couldn't return it. It fit me like a sack, so it has just been laying around, waiting, and envying my t-shirts and jeans, since they actually get worn. I made it wearable today! I added some darts to the front (like princess seams, I think) and shortened the straps, and it is actually flattering now. Yay! It was almost too easy. It's a spring/summer dress, so it will be awhile before it has an outing, but I think it will be nice for church.

In knitting news, I'm over the halfway mark for the back of the Lana Grossa Wrap Sweater. This thing grows so quickly! I hope to finish it soon. I am pretty aggravated by all the of projects I have unfinished, especially when I really want to learn fair isle NOW. But I really need to finish these things. They have sat around far too long, and I know as spring and summer get here, I will want to knit things like Orangina. Plus, isn't Eunny's book due out soon?


Tany said...

The dress is BEAUTIFUL!

Karin said...

Wow that dress is so awesome. I can't wait to see you duplicate it!

Marji said...

It'll be fun to see how you interpret that dress.
I posted a link today to the book that the Debbie Bliss cardigan is from that you asked about. Couldn't figure out how to email you.

sulu-design said...

Wow... it's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to seeing how your version of it comes along.