Thursday, February 15, 2007

Your opinions wanted! (fabric and knitting related)

First, I simply adore crane fabrics! I have a yard of this one added to my small fabric stash, and I've no idea what to use it for. It's a cotton, and so beautiful! I don't quilt, and it doesn't match my "decor," anyway. I already have several fabrics waiting to be made into purses. Any suggestions? Here are some pics, and I used a penny to help see the size of the prints.

Secondly, I've finished the back and both fronts of the LG wrap sweater! YAY! I can't decide if it's going to work as is (with sleeves, of course), or if I need to add something. A possibilty is searching through Knitting On the Edge for a nice edging to go around the wrap, and picking up stitches to add a couple (or a few) inches of ribbing at the bottom. I want to decide before I do the sleeves, so I can just make the sleeves shorter if I have to. I'd prefer long sleeves, but I think 3/4 would work if I need to make changes and start running short of yarn. Anyway, I pinned it together, and tried it on. What would you do? Finish the sleeves and sew it up, or pick up for the edging and ribbing?

Oh, by the way, I should add that I'm not at all a fast knitter. Nearly all of those pieces in the last post are the result of several months of knitting!


Squeaky Weasel said...

Ooh, I love it! I don't think it needs an edging at all, but I'm sure it would look cool if you found one that didn't distract from the overall laciness of it!

sulu-design said...

I can't offer any knitting advice, but I can tell you that what you've got so far looks AMAZING! I'm impressed.

Marji said...

the wrap is looking really nice, but I would pick up and knit around the CF and neckline, maybe just a little picot edge (that is easier said than done, I know) to tighten it up a bit.
Seeing a pic of you in the real, I think the shawl collar would be fine on that wrap you posted on PR.
Next issue: The SKB calls for silk, but I'm thinking bamboo would give you similar drape and really nice sheen if you used Plymouth Royal bamboo - which is one of the shinier ones - for a lot less $ than the silk.
I've got the Royal Bamboo on the needles now knitting Calla. See it

Marji said...

well, the link didn't print, so see it here

Marji said...

I got your message but can't reply so have to post it here:

Sorry, The abbreviation is a sewing one:
CF= center front.

I know the shawl collar is for the Anthropolgie sweater - I'm Marji from Pattern Review.