Friday, March 23, 2007

Burda 7993 Progress

I've worked more on Burda 7993. In fact, it's nearly complete. I don't know how much closer to complete it is going to get, because I don't know whether I like it. I think it's either too big or too unflattering, or both. Too big can be fixed, but unflattering probably cannot, so once I decide that, I'll decide whether it's worth finishing. Progress is stalled, anyway, because I need elastic for the sleeves and don't have any. Anyway, here's what I've got thus far:

What do you think? Is this pattern worth finishing or at least giving another try? Or is it wrong for my body type?

Edit: Ok, normally I would be far too vain to ever put such horrible pictures of me where they may be viewed by anyone (and that's something, considering the crap shots I normally post), but several people have commented in the review I did at PR that the shirt is too small for me and that I need to go up a size. So here are some awful pictures of it with no waist belt ribbon thing. Too small? I'm worried because the next size up is a 36", which is what I originally tried to start sewing with, and everything I've made in a 36 has been less attractive and flattering than a burlap sack would be.


Anonymous said...

I think it'd be fine if you took the ruffle off.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cute, but then I like ruffles.


Anonymous said...

Keep them ruffles! And I like the ribbon too.

sulu-design said...

I like the ruffles and the ribbon belt. I think it looks perfect in the first photo, but the biggest thing is that you feel comfortable in it. What a producitve crafter you are!

Anonymous said...

I definitely don't think it is too small. It pulls at the bust when the bow is tied but I think it is b/c the bow/sash thing is pullin on it. I think it is cute on you. I wonder about sewing a seam in the side ruffles to take them in there so they wouldn't stick out?
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

With your extra pics you can now see that it isn't too small. I think the tie under the bust made the bust pull in so much it made it look small in the bust. It still looks like it is catching on your rear on the back side, causing allot of fullness above that - possible sway back adjustment needed? On my 2 cents, I dump the ruffle on the bottom, I think it emphasis the hips, as the tie under the bust made the shirt seem too tight in the bust.

knotingale said...

I agree with Laura M--it fits fine except that it gets too tight over the hips, making it 'pouf' out over your back. Perhaps the only problem there is that it is longer on you than it should be? It should probably end higher up where your hips are narrower.
The other questions are simply style choices. Empire waists and ruffles are in, but they do draw attention. Adjust the length so it hangs right, and you might like it well enough to keep the ruffles and the belt.

Atajev said...

I also think that the length might be too long, and I don't like the ruffles. I love the belt, though, and I disagree that it looks too tight. I also happen to be the same shape as you and there's nothing I hate more than that pouch of loose fabric under my bust when the rest of the garment fits, so I may be biased! I don't think it's a lost cause - it just needs a bit more tweaking!

Marji said...

Hi Crystal.
Did you do a length adjustment? the body is too long. Then when the part below the waist hits the wider part of your hips, (where it isn't supposed to be already) it isn't wide enough, so it is riding up and causing all that bunching you see in the back.
MY two cents:
you need to start every pattern you make by measuring the lengths against your own measurement, then taking up, along the Miss Petite fold lines, the appropriate amounts. When there aren't Miss Petite fold lines - such as in the BWOF patterns, you need to adjust where those lines would be.
Next, you need to make a FBA (full bust adjustment). The reason this blouse is so much longer in the back than the front is that your bust is pulling up the excess in lieu of an FBA.
This pattern is the right size - it fits across the shoulders and through the sleeves, the armscye, all of which will be too big if you go to a larger size. So My Opinion is that you are buying the right size pattern, and now you just need to make some adjustments for your curves and your length.
Length first, then curves, always.

The ruffle would look better just a tad higher, then it's just a matter of style preference - ruffles and puffed sleeves or not. I think they're cute on you - on me, ridiculous!

disa said...