Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sewing news

I made a muslin for Burda 7993 (the cute top). I did a 2" FBA, which worked really well, except that it made the vertical darts HUGE and you can see them through the muslin. That won't matter on the real shirt, because I don't think the pink cotton I have is as thin.

I didn't bother with any of the facings yet, and though I did the collar, I didn't do it right (you're supposed to cut 2 pieces, but I only cut one, whooops!), but I don't think it will matter too much anyway.

The FBA used up so much extra fabric that now I'm worried I'll always need to get more than called for by the pattern. That really sucks, because I've already got fabric for a few projects that will need an FBA, and I had bought only what the pattern called for. I really hope I don't need more!

Anyway, back to the top. One thing I'm not sure I like about the shirt is how much the ruffle at the bottom sticks out, and another is the puffy sleeves. The ruffle kinda poofs out (which it does NOT do in the pattern picture!), and I have never thought puffy sleeves would be super flattering on me, but as the sleeves on this top didn't look very puffy, I thought it might be ok. I still don't know, because I didn't have the elastic you're supposed to put at the bottom of the short sleeve. I'm going to cut out the fabric soon, and give it a try in the real stuff. Maybe in the cute pink, I will be happier, and I am sure I can figure out something to do about the ruffle and the puffy sleeves if I just hate them. Mainly this shirt was to learn FBAs, and because I thought it was super cute, but the fabric was so cheap that I won't cry if it doesn't work out, just sigh and be a little disappointed for a day or two.

Edited to add: FBA stands for Full Bust adjustment, and so far, I am not liking how this shirt looks on me... but I still need to sew on the ruffle and get that elastic.


Karin said...

What's an FBA?

Diana said...

Once you get those darts done, if they do show, you can trim the excess out by slicing down the center to about 1-12/" from the point, and pressing them open.