Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yay! New yarn!

I am in love with Knitpicks now. Their colors are pretty much exactly what was pictured on my monitor. The hyacinth WotA is a beautiful deep blue-purple, exactly the color I've wanted. The fog for my Delphine sweater is a pale, beautiful silvery gray. The lilac sock yarn is gorgeous as well. I need to get Kool-Aid for dying the natural yarn.

I started on the cable for the armband of my sweater today, using the cable Cookie posted yesterday. I only have a small bit of it done, because I had to learn a provisional cast-on, but it looks nice! It's too wide on the size 8s, so I may need to go down a needle size or two. If that doesn't fix it, I may have to undo it and knit only the cable panel and seveldge stitches, without the extra 6 stitches of stockinette. I'd hate to do that, because I like the way the cable looks with the stockinette. So first, I am definitely trying smaller needles. Removing the stockinette will be my last resort.

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