Friday, January 20, 2006

A little about the De sweater, and a lil rambling about random knitting stuff.

I tried to post this last night, but it didn't work, so I'm trying again.


I wish there was something interesting and exciting to post today, but there is not.

I did, however, work my armband today long enough to get it to about 5". I can do cables quite easily (most are of the opinion that they are not hard, and I agree), but I'm pretty slow with them, partially because I have to watch my stitches all the time, to avoid dropping any, since I'm working on Al needles. For cabling, I'd prefer to have bamboo, but my inventory of bamboo needles is quite limited, and so are my funds. Therefore, I am cabling with cheapo Al needles that I actually like for nearly any other purpose. I'm generally a rather tight knitter, so with simple stockinette, I actually like the slipperyness of the metal.

Anyway, the cabled armband, knit rather tightly on size 6s, looks nice so far. There is one spot where I apparently twisted a stitch, and didn't notice it until a couple of repeats later, but since it will be on the inside of the sleeve (not inside the sleeve, but you know what I mean), I didn't worry about it. I am very pleased with the color I chose. Hopefully, I wear gray rather well (at least this pale one), and the color doesn't really look gray to me, anyway. Plus, it's going to be beautiful with my wonderful sequined shoes! Also, from knitting, I've found that if you stare at a very light color for a very long time, it begins to appear white until you actually look at something white.

I also finished my grandma's hat in time to hand it over to mom. I wanted to do more with it (like add a little star), but I didn't know when I'd be back in Monroe, and if I'd waited much longer, she'd have no need for it. We don't keep cold weather long; another reason my newfound love for knitting sweaters kinda stinks. Not that knitting beautiful sweaters stinks, just that rarely being able to wear them does. Ah well, why complain? It's not as if I don't love spring, and even our overly hot summers.

I've decided that with the purple sock yarn, I am going to make Pomatomus socks from Since I've never knit socks or lace-type patterns before, it may be quite a challenge, but the only reason I'm knitting a pair of socks is for the challenge anyway; may as well make it a good one. I can buy a whole pack of functional socks for cheaper than making this one pair, but I just want to make some. Plus, these are the neatest socks I've ever seen. They are seriously Awesome. Yes, with a capital A. Who could resist? I've got to find a set of size 2 double point needles first; something neither Wal-mart nor Michael's carries. It sucks, not having a real LYS. I think all the online stores I've searched thus far would be pretty expensive for one set of dpns, since they charge full retail price and standard shipping! How insane! Then again, I haven't checked Knitpicks yet... oh, no, I sense an addiction!

The hyacinth WotA has decided it wants to become a cute little cropped sweater from the Spring/Summer '05 Knit.1. I've heard bad reviews about this mag, and I will admit, there are things in there that I would never knit or wear, but there are also some gorgeous things that aren't too expensive to make, and I still have at least 3 things I want to make from the book, excluding the cropped sweater. I haven't subscribed, but I may someday. Then again, there are already so many free patterns (or cheap single patterns) I have found and want to make, that I probably wouldn't get around to doing any of them, and there are lots of free tips on the web. With great resources like knitters' blogs, the Livejournal knitting community, and knit related websites (such as, a site from which I learned much), I'm not sure that I need to splurge on mag subscriptions, as much as I'd love to. I would, however, love to buy a book or two full of cables and lace patterns, and one of those books that pretty much covers everything. I haven't messed with lace yet, but I love knitting cables. It's just crazy, how something so simple can look so complicated. Well, following a chart is simple... designing my own is definitely a different story.

After knitting with the WofA, I've decided it may end up being a little itchy. I'm not too worried about it; I figure either hair conditioner or fabric softener should remedy this. When it comes closer to time, I'll probably post a question in LJ knitting about which is better for wool. I know if Downy could make that Red Heart not only wearable, but actually cuddley, it should work wonders for this, too!

This isn't about knitting, but oh my goodness, I figured out my Genetics homework on my own today! Go me. I should give the DNA scarf some time in honor of that, right? It won't be tonight though, because I have been typing, waiting to go out with my boyfriend. That should be fun! :-)

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