Monday, January 23, 2006

One down, one to go.

The cabled armbands, that is. I did "finish" one (in quotations because I've gotten it to the length I think I want it, although I may have made it a little long). I went ahead and did 10 repeats and have about 10", which is really almost an inch too long, so I may end up ripping about an inch out. I haven't have time to start on the second yet, and am really not sure when I will. One good thing though, now that the band is long enough to reach around my arm, I put it on a stitch holder and wrapped it around my arm, and it hasn't made me itch yet at all. So I may take back what I said about the WotA being itchy against the skin.

Still no luck finding the size 2 dpns around here for those Pomatomus socks. :-(

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