Monday, November 27, 2006

Sewing Talk (pretty patterns)

I did finish my skirt. It is really cute! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although not completely happy. I'll post pictures soon, and do a review on it as well, and I still have to post the sweater I completed, too. I've also been working on the Gatsby Girl sweater, and have gotten pretty far on the front. I imagined I'd have it done over Thanksgiving break, but it just didn't happen. Ah well. I will finish it soon... I want to get it over with, so I can try to have the Spencer done by Christmas... I think, in the color I'm using, it would make a fabulous sweater to wear on Christmas day (assuming it's not 70 degrees then like it's been here the past several days).

Hey, guess what! Check out these beauties I found. Vintage (and one not-so-vintage) sewing patterns! I really love the styles from the 40s and 50s... and some of the 60s as well.

I'm hoping to figure out how to combine the empire waisted vintage skirt with the ruched bodice of the slimmer pattern, to make something very like this dress. Any tips on combining patterns? Or on making a huge, gorgeous ruffle like at the bottom of the dress? Make sure to scroll down and see the detail. It's divine! I want to find fabric in that deep rosy color.

Edited for ginaT: The first pattern is a Butterick from 2000. The pattern number is 6761. I found it on eBay. Let me know if you need additional info!

Edited again!: ginaT, I just found it on ebay. Dress Pattern. Hope it's the size you need!


Stacy said...

You have to make that dress! That pattern is perfect BTW! I'm not sure that you'd have to combine patterns either. I think that you would be o.k. using the view on the left, but using the shorter sleeves. Then when the skirt comes to the hip, flare it out moreso that what the pattern does and shorten it. Then add a wide ruffle (it looks pretty gathered so I'm guessing you'd need a pretty long strip of fabric for this).

I think that the fabric would also make the dress - something nice and crisp would help the skirt flare more.

sulu-design said...

I love the dress that you linked to! I can't give any help in the combining patterns department, but you have some gorgeous ones to work with (I especially like the floral one on the bottom pattern envelope).

AEBL said...

Your sweater and skirt look great!
It looks like you could probably just mix and match the top and skirt pieces from the two patterns, since they both have empire waists.
If you're interested in a good(at least IMO)"helper" book for sewing techniques, I suggest the "New Complete guid to sewing" by Reader's digest editors. It's a great reference to have on hand for when you can't remember a technique, or are looking for ways to tailor a piece of clothing. You can get it from for under $25(or you can probably find a copy at the local library if you want to just see what it's like).

ginaT said...

Please please have you the pattern info for the first picture,the one with the 3 dresses?
I have been looking for a pattern like that for ages.Its just what i need for my DD's bridesmaid's dresses.