Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Name Change!

I never really figured I'd post much in the blog, so I never spent any time thinking of a name for it. And, I've kept to that, somewhat... haha. I don't really post often. I normally only post when I have something to post about, or feel I haven't posted in so long that people may think the blog's been abandoned. I like to write about patterns, yarns, and all that great stuff for my own purposes... but I never figured I'd be one of the bloggers with tons of readers and witty posts, although it is cool when someone "drops by." But I was never happy with "craftycrystal" as the name. It was the first thing I thought of, and while I thought it was pretty lame, I just couldn't think of anything to replace it. But, as I'm a Louisianaian, and rather proud of it, I decided to try "Knit on the Bayou" and see if I like it any better. What do you think? You have to sing it, to the tune of CCR's "Born on the Bayou." ;-)

Also, I am NOT admitting that I started another project. Using the Hyacinth Wool of the Andes I was going to use for the Drops Design cardigan with flowers... for which I'll now need to find another yarn. I was never certain about that sweater in this color, anyway. I'm thinking maybe a lilac.

Editing this to say that Susan had a much better suggestion for a name, and I am so taking it. Thanks! :-D


Susan said...

How about "Knittin' Bayou"? It's funnier.
There's a car wash in Baton Rouge called "Scrubba da Car Bayou Self."
I think it's hilarious.
Don't worry about the new project--I belive in project polygamy.

Crystal said...

Thanks, Susan, haha, that's awesome. I am so taking your suggestion!!