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IK, VK, More "To-knits", and Lorna's Laces

I've no knitting progress to discuss, due to the upcoming finals week, so I'll write about something else for now.

The previews of the IK Winter and VK holiday issues have been up for awhile now, but I am just now getting to posting about them. I don't have the issues yet, though I hope to obtain both, so I am only mentioning the things on the website previews. And no, this will not be full of insulting-yet-somewhat-funny remarks. I'd rather play nice, especially as my failure in designing has helped me to realize how hard it is, and I know the magazines aren't catering to my taste only.

IK Winter:

I really like the Arctic Diamonds Stole, but I have yet to really get into lace knitting, so I'll just admire photos of this for now.

A Cardigan for Arwen - I'm a LotR nerd, so I fully appreciate the use of the name Arwen. I also like the cabled edging on this a lot. It doesn't appear to have shaping, though, and it doesn't close (both things could be remedied). I'll probably have to see some finished ones to decide on this one.

Love the color of Cabernet Ribs. The v-neck is too low for my taste.

The yarn used for the Cable and Bobble headband is in gorgeous colors. I don't have much use for knit headbands... or any other kind of headband either, for that matter. I think they look good on short-haired girls, but they look awful on me.

I think I am the only person in knitblog-land who really loved Annie Modesitt's Corded Yoke Pullover. I think it would be nice knit in a cotton blend that has a sheen, with short sleeves. The bared shoulders make me think of summer. And some beads on the cords. That would be cute, I think.

Cowgirl slipper socks are knit in worsted (warm!!), use a feather and fan patterning, and are short. Three things in their favor. I like them.

I love those sweaters with fair-isle yokes, so yes, I do like the Enid Cardigan.

I adore the Equestrian Blazer. It's knit in a shade of purple-pink, simple, and beautifully shaped. Add this to the "To-Knit" list!!

The Jawbreaker Cardigan is not my style, but the yarn is really pretty, and I could see this looking great on slimmer figures (then again, what doesn't?).

I wish the model wearing the Nantucket Jacket hadn't been slumping. Is this shaped? The bonus photo looks like it is, and if so, it's a gorgeous design that could work for me. Another of those that I'll have to see knit by others before I decide for myself.

The Pewter Coat looks nice. It's pretty... I like the cables and the collar.

The Provincial Waistcoat, I think, would be more "knittable" with sleeves. Of course, that defeats the purpose, and changes it into a jacket, but there's my opinion. If it had sleeves, I'd really consider it. It's pretty, and I love the shaping details. Maybe it would look good over those collared shirts I love to wear.

Another Rambling Rose! Very different from the one I have knit. Very lovely... I adore it! I'll add it to my "To-Knit" list if I see that it looks good on other people. I love all the patterning and details, but am not sure that they'd flatter me.

The Refined Raglan is cute... it's almost boring, but I like the patterning on the raglan increases. It gives some interest, while still keeping the sweater simple. Simple is often a great thing, and works in this case. Another fun thing about this sweater, is that it can be knit in a bright color due to its simplicity... but not many people can get away with the particular color shown. My biggest question is whether it's shaped (yes, I know, that may be getting old, but it is a huge concern for me).

I don't know any guy who'd wear the Retrograde Pullover... maybe it's the color, but it looks awfully feminine.

I LOVE the Rustic Holiday Stocking! GIMME! It is adorable!

The Thrummed Mittens are cute, but I'm not really a mitten person... I like to have the use of all 5 fingers.

The Touch Me Tunic is not my style, but it's not ugly. I like the bonus photo better than the main... it definitely shows off its good features more. The lace pattern is nice.

Tweed Beret - I love hats, but I don't know if I would look nice in a beret, and I'm not going to knit one before I find out.

The Venezia Pullover is my FAVORITE! I love it, I have always loved fair-isle sweaters, and this one is SHAPED, meaning I could wear it without looking enormous. The teeny needles I'm sure are used to knit this don't bother me. I've never knit fair-isle, but I ain't afeared! The major holdup (aside from the million things I have yarn for now), is that I don't want to knit it in these colors, and I don't know anything about matching colors for fair isle. I want it in pinks and mauves, with maybe some smokey grays and cream... and I don't know. It calls for TEN colors! Anyone have references for choosing fair isle palettes? This one's added to my "To-Knit" list, for darn sure. I even updated it on the sidebar list.

I love the Wine and Roses Mitts, but I'd have to figure out fingers. My fingers are always cold, too, not just my hands.

The Blue Skies cardigan is not my style. I kinda like the collar.

I'm not into knitting baby stuff, so I won't bother with the booties. Maybe if I ever decide to have children.

Eunny Jang also has an artcle on steeking in this issue! Can't wait to read it... her articles are great.

Notice I said nothing about the subsciber-only flip-top mittens. I'm not a subscriber, so I won't have access to the pattern. But they are a dime for a dozen, so I'm not overly concerned.

VK Holiday:

I love the two sweaters that gorgeous Asian model is wearing. The third picture looks like a wrap in some very beautiful colors, but that's all I can tell about it.

Nothing in the "Purple Reign" section really grabs my fancy. I really like the collars on the mauve and navy sweaters, but I'm not too fond of turtlenecks. The first one, although cute, looks really bulky, and while it's tempting, I know better. The third one I can't really tell too much about. The collar and cabling are nice, but the shaping? Who knows. The purple vest thing reminds me of Mrs. Marigold (by Zephyr Stle), but not as cute.

In "Town and Country," I love the lace ruffled skirt the first model is wearing (too bad that's not a project). The sweater is nice, but doesn't interest me that much. The fair isle beret is pretty, but I've already discussed berets. I don't really care for cabled camisoles, and the twinset is no exception. I feel like there is nothing to balance it, or something. I ADORE the bag and the scarf, and completely understand why so many people have mentioned wanting to knit that periwinkle shawl-collared cabled wrap cardi... it's beautiful! I'd like to have a go at it, myself.

I love all three of the patterns in "Grace Notes," especially the last one.

I was all excited, thinking my mom had gotten me the VK I just reviewed. It turns out that she picked up the KnitSimple holiday issue instead. That's ok, it's not a bad issue, and was thoughtful of her. :-)

The knit birds are really cute, and it has a stocking that is alright, but nothing special. There is a very pretty afghan, and a cute crocheted teddy bear. There are also some cute "elf accessories," including the hat, mittens, scarf, and socks, and there is a nice blanket, made of huge granny squares and squares of garter stitch. IMO, the highlight of the issue is Nicky Epstein's amazing felted poinsetta wreath.

The sweaters aren't too interesting... there is one I really like, one piece, knit sideways in garter, which seems a neat construction to me, and the sideways garter gives it a really neat texture. But I wouldn't have the slightest idea on how to add waist shaping, so I don't think it's an option for me.

Some of the scarves are cute, but you've seen them all before. There's a really nice hooded scarf, a seed stitch scarf, crocheted medallion scarf, a scarf in something called a bamboo stitch, which is actually pretty cool, a chevron scarf, a couple of lace scarves.

The hat pattern is adjustable, but again, nothing special. There is a cute drop stitch wrap I really like, and a cami with only one cable on it, which is actually cute... the cable isn't overwhelming. There is another sweater I like called the Flower-yoke Pullover. I may knit this as a gift. There is a cardi made of a pretty sparkley yarn. For the kids, there is a cute earflap hat, a pullover for toddlers, a vest, and striped socks.

I will definitely make that wreath someday. I think the issue was worth it just for that pattern!

I'm finally getting my hands on some Lorna's Laces! Two skeins of Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Mardi Gras to be exact. Here's a link to the only picture I could find of the color:
On Ebay

I'm hoping that it's a truer Mardi Gras colorway than the picture shows - more gold instead of orange. The lady I'm getting it from couldn't remember. I know, I know... only Louisianians think that purple, green, and gold look great together. I have a major weakness for Mardi Gras colored yarns. I'm worried though... I don't have a ball-winder or anything like that and I think it comes in hanks. How will I wind it if it doesn't come before I head to South Louisiana? Should I knit socks or gloves? I'm thinking it would be awesome to knit gloves in this colorway and wear them to Mardi Gras! Can anyone recommend a MG-esque sock or glove pattern? Or one that just looks great with varigated yarns? I'll consider either. Any suggestions, really, are welcome. I know sometimes a pattern works well in a var. yarn, and sometimes the yarn obscures the pattern entirely... but I have yet to work out how you can really tell without swatching.

Oh, and thanks to Knitter's Review, I got mine for less than half the price of that eBay auction, including shipping. Score!

I don't talk about cooking too much, but over the weekend I made my favorite dish, crawfish pasta, and a carrot cake, and both turned out so well! Mmmm, delish!

Oh, and by the way, I still haven't found a scarf pattern for my lonely ball of Malabrigo... but it is crack in the form of yarn. This stuff had to have been spun in Heaven, by the angels. It is the softest stuff ever! Anyone know how it wears? I'd LOVE a silky-soft, beautifully colored cardigan out of this stuff!

Edited to add: After more searching online, three other photos of the Mardi Gras Lorna's Laces show a yellow-gold color rather than orange. Yay!!! Cannot wait for my new yarn!

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