Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just Keep Swimming

That Finding Nemo tune is in your head now, isn't it? You're welcome. Who doesn't love it?

The title is in honor of this:

How cute!! I love the packaging. Pretty packaging makes everything better, even the things you didn't think could be any more awesome, like what's inside this one. Opening presents is such fun! Waiting inside were these:

My Sulu Design goldfish earrings! When I first saw these, I knew I had to have a pair. They weren't left on the cardboard for long. Almost immediately I tried them on.

And loved them so much I couldn't take them off. They are fabulous! I've gotten so many compliments on them today, too.

Go, check out her Etsy Shop! Just don't buy any of the stuff I want. Haha. No, go ahead, otherwise you couldn't buy anything. All of her creations are really beautiful. I definitely see more Sulu Designs in my future!

Larkin from Pattern Review, if you read this, I can't pm on that site... I don't have a paid account yet. You can email me at cnp71201 at hotmail dot com. I left this message on a forum at the website, but who knows if you'll read it there, so I thought I'd leave it here too, in case you dropped by again. :-)

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