Monday, October 09, 2006


Why doesn't Hanne Falkenberg sell her patterns outside of kits? I would knit Mermaid in a second if I could get just the pattern. I could knit it in colors I actually like, for, I think, way less than 1/3 of the price of the kit. Sigh...

I feel the same way about a few of the designs from Kim Hargreaves' site.

I wonder if they really make that much more money selling only kits.

Spencer is going well. But I'm getting to the hard part. The neck shaping. Oh yay. I feel frustration coming on. :-(

My feet are freezing! I really should knit those Pomatomus socks soon. And some fingerless gloves for my hands. And maybe a shawl, since I'm wrapped in my cozy blanket right now. My room is actually cold for a change! Brr! Could the a/c finally be working? Unlikely.

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