Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Hate the 80s (fashions)

I really, really do. So why do I LOVE this look (on the model; I'm sure I wouldn't like it on myself)?!

Image from Newport News website.

Other things I'm loving - the ballet flats (particularly with bows). Also, faux animal skin, but only in the form of shoes (and one particularly hot dress I own but have never worn). Pointy toe slides. Vintage 40s and 50s dresses, or new dresses made from vintage patterns in that time period. Round toe tweed heels... actually anything tweed! Pointy, red, mid-calf boots, with a heel, of course, and military style jackets (though I doubt I'd wear one, the style is really cute). Trumpet skirts. My beloved button-down shirts. Pink, red, turquiose/blue-green, seafoam/mint, grey. And, of course, lacy or cabled knits. The Kara Janx Kimono dresses (see below).

Apparently I even love red and pink together now.
Here's a link to Kara Janx

Things I am definitely NOT feeling: skinny pants, tunic length anything, leggings, jeans under skirts, balloon skirts, those boots with all the fur... this list could get long... very, very long.

On the knitting front, I've gone into the body of the Spencer, but not very far. That's it. School is not leaving me much time for knitting! :-(

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