Monday, March 01, 2010

Favorite Thing in the Rain

Today is a rainy day, and so today's "Favorite Things" post are these wonderful "Artist" Jeffery Campbell rainboots. I wanted these for a long time before I finally got them. The price held me back, but finally - when Amazon was down to the last pair in my size, I broke down and ordered them. I made good use of them today, splashing through the mud and the rain on my way home from class!

While I'm posting, I may as well add that I'm planning a new knitting project. I am thinking of starting on Ysolda's Little Birds cardigan, from Twist Collective. I've been wanting to make it, and there is a KAL going on for it. I'll probably use colors similar to the ones in the original, except that I'd like to have the background yellow. I also want to knit a Snapdragon Tam in a lovely goldenrod color.

I've been realizing that I don't have a wardrobe, just random things I wear. I don't have particular outfits, I'm not sure if I own any "wardrobe basics," and I'm terrible at accessorizing (except, of course for my earring obsession!). I wear jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers most days, and I am really tired of that. My main problem is that the styles I like aren't flattering on me, and the things that are flattering are BORING (also, I like to sleep in which sort-of inhibits the morning ritual of cuteness). I can't be the only one who has had this problem. Anyone who relates, how did you change your style from causal into chic (or in my case, just almost-chic would do)?

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