Sunday, March 07, 2010

A busy, yet laid-back day

Today has been busy - I've been planting my Bhut jolokia seeds (oh, how I hope they grow!!), replanting my passion flowers, cleaning my apartment, and I dyed a top. The top was a gorgeous lace top, but stark white. When I put it on, I just felt it should be softer. So, I used my "40% off one item" Hobby Lobby coupon to buy some Rit dye in Taupe (it was the closest color I could find to what I had in mind, which was antique lace). The top came out, not quite as I hoped, but cute - a light, rosy tannish color. It was a rayon/spandex blend, and I'd read that rayon should dye, but spandex would not. Apparently part of it was also polyester, which of course doesn't take color, and that part is still white, but I think it actually looks cute that way. I'll post photos when it dries. I know I could have tea-dyed it and possibly gotten more of an antique lace color, but I've read that the tannic acid in tea can weaken fabrics and I didn't want to risk it with this top.

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