Sunday, January 07, 2007

Update on Gatsby Girl Progress

I've finally completed the front of the GG. That means only the sleeves are left... but I am going to try to get Dusty's socks done before I start on the sleeves. I pinned the front and back together, and tried it on... so far, I am really loving it! I can't wait to have this sweater complete.

Also, which one do you think would be more flattering? Tiffany's or Ginger? Or neither? I think both are gorgeous, but can't decide which, if either, would flatter me.

Edit: Thanks for the comments. stitchywotch says:

It's hard to pull off sweaters with little ties at the waist.

I rather think this is not true for me. I have two sweaters with little ties at the waist (Rambling Rose is one), and I think both are flattering, since they really define my waist. I'm more concerned with the very high neckline of this sweater, since I am rather busty. Tiffany's is a lovely, graceful, and delicate looking sweater, imo, but it might look better on a willowy girl than on a curvy one.

Both comments so far are in favor of Ginger. It's beautiful, isn't it? But I just realized it's for a aran or worsted weight, and I think the Kimono Angora Pure I got for a ridiculously low price is a dk or thinner. I could probably use it, anyway.

I am still interested in hearing opinions, so please keep posting! :-)


stitchywotch said...

I think Ginger would be the most flattering to the most people. It's hard to pull off sweaters with little ties at the waist. I've been looking at buying that book - I love Veronica and a few of the other sweaters.

knotingale said...

I love Ginger. You can probably adjust shaping, length and sleeve length to your best advantage.