Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gatsby Girl Sleeve Length - Your Opinion Wanted!

I've finished both the front and the back of my Gatsby Girl pullover from IK Fall 2006. Now it's time to start the sleeves. I cannot decide whether I should knit them as is (right below the elbow), or lengthen them to the wrists. I am using Rowan Felted Tweed (50% wool/25% alpaca/25% rayon). I live in Louisiana, but contrary to popular belief, it does get rather cold here! I also get cold easily, and generally have the view that if it's cold enough for a sweater, it's probably cold enough for long sleeves. On the other hand, could this possibly make the sweater TOO warm, due to the alpaca content? And would I be messing up the look/style of the sweater by doing this? What would be the best way to lengthen the sleeves, anyway? I could just make them longer, but cast on the same amount of stitches (so that the sleeves are not fitted at the wrist), or I could figure out how many to cast on, and increase up to the amount of stitches the pattern directs (to make the sleeves more fitted)... what would look better?

Also, I had another question. I generally keep the leftover yarn after a project, in case I ever need to mend it. But I don't want to keep too much... I don't want yarn to take up a ton of space and never be used, because I'm saving it "just in case," for something I hope never happens! Does anyone else do this? How much do you normally hold on to for mending purposes? A few yards? More than that? I want to just measure out (or estimate) some yardage from the leftover skein, put it in a baggie and mark it as being for mending purposes, and be able to use the rest of leftovers for any other little project I might choose.

Ok, finally... if you have what seems to be a great idea, and a wonderful (but possibly delicate) new yarn coming, would you use the yarn for that idea? Or not risk it, and use a different yarn for your design? I've thought of something I just HAVE to try, and I am thinking of using the Kimono Angora Pure for it, but then again, I could just go the Knitpicks route, since my designs never seem to work out anyway.


knotingale said...

I think I'd keep the sleeves as is. I always regret when I alter a pattern. I think it will work, but sometimes it doesn't look right. It will be warm enough, I'm sure.
I'm the wrong one to say about the leftover yarn question--I come from the 'never throw anything away' school.
The one time I designed a sweater, I made a version in cheap yarn (sugar and cream) and then again in the yarn I'd planned. It was very helpful to have gone through it once before I used the expensive stuff. Then I frogged the first one and made a nice dishtowel.

Elizabeth said...

I love the GG 3/4 length sleeves - but it's up to you. I know what you mean about wanting long sleeves if it's cold - my wrists and hands get cold very easily. Either way, I'm excited to see how it turns out.

And I'd say go for it with your design - if you're not happy with how it turns out, you can always frog. I'm always surprised by how well most yarns stand up to frogging.