Sunday, January 28, 2007


Since I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my dadgum progress bars back onto my sidebar, I thought I'd write and bookmark an entry for now to tell my progress. I will continue to update this entry whenever I have more stuff completed, and instead of percentages, I am just going to write how much I have done, which I think will be a little more accurate - I am poor at judging percent. Scroll to the bottom to see my latest progress.

As of beginning this post today, my projects are:

Gatsby Girl - front and back complete. Sleeves remain, not started yet.
Sideways Spencer - Left sleeve complete, getting to the neck shaping.
Lana Grossa Wrap Sweater - Need to frog and start over on size 10 needles.
Danica - Have a couple of the triangles done.
Apricot Jacket - back is almost complete.
Butterfly Jacket - about 1/3 the back is done, but may need to rip, since I think I need a little waist shaping.
Ella Scarf - all the flowers are done and just need to be joined, but I think this project is at home.
Delphine Sweater - bottoms of sleeves are done, back is about 1/2 done, but needs to be ripped and reknit - looks too small.
Butterfly Dress - cast on and knit 1 or 2 repeats for the hem.
Dream Swatch hat - the dream swatch band is almost complete.
Dusty's socks - I finished them, but they still need to be washed and dried, and I need to reknit the toe - the foot is much too long.
Entrelac hat - need to rip entirely, and start trying a different pattern.
Sunrise Circle Jacket - about 1/3 of the back, almost the whole left front, and the left sleeve complete.
Deep V Argyle Vest - started a swatch, but can't get comfortable with holding the yarn in my left hand (ironic, since I am left handed!).

Now, I know most people are doing a "knit only from your stash" thing. I'm not confining myself to stash, BUT I am making a goal to finish at least every thing on this list this year (except maybe Delphine, and I really think I have a better idea now of how to do it, so hopefully it as well). I can purchase more yarn if I want, but I haven't been in the habit of getting yarn with no purpose for it, and don't plan to change that now.

Mon, 01/29: Rebecca Apricot Jacket back is finished!! Yay!

Sun, 02/04: Cactus Mittenettes and Dream Swatch hat are finished! No progress on other projects.

Wed, 02/07: The right front of the Lana Grossa Lacey Wrap Sweater is done!

Sun, 02/11: Only a couple of inches left on the back of the Lana Grossa sweater!

Thurs, 02/15: The back and left front of LG sweater are done!

Thurs, 03/08: One sleeve of the LG sweater is done, and about 3/4 of a sleeve for the GG sweater is done.

Tues, 03/13: The other sleeve of LG is done, and she is now blocking! Once I get it seamed up, I'll post and see what people think I need to do to finish it.

Tues, 03/27: The LG sweater is finished, save finding some way to close it. The end is in sight for the GG, too... I am on the last sleeve, and over half done with it! YAY!

Sun, 04/01: Gatsby Girl is done!

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