Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RIP Fur Collared Shrug

"Rip" or "rest in peace," either way you interpret it, this sweater is pretty much gone, for now. I don't think I want to knit the fur collared shrug anymore. I haven't even thought of picking it up in months. I ran across it today straightening up my yarn, and thought, bleh. I still LOVE the color of the yarn, but the project just doesn't inspire me any more. Plus, I am pretty sure I would have had to get more yarn for it, and if I am going to do that, I'd just rather knit something else. I do think this sweater would probably be cuter in pink anyway... I could even go all out and knit the obnoxious fun fur collar in a multicolored pink fun fur, and it might look really cute. Wow, I just got excited about the idea of the shrug again. Maybe I do still love the shrug, and the yarn, just not together. Sometimes it be that way.

The Hyacinth color, I think, once I've ordered more yarn, will either be used for this great jacket in my Phildar catalog, or one of various sweater patterns I've found online. A couple I am considering are:

I've always planned on knitting Forecast, but I never imagined doing it in a yarn this dark, so I don't know. I always saw it in red or yellow. Oh! Or, I could do the cute green cropped jacket from the Art Issue of Knit.1. I could, of course, thumb through all of my magazines to see if there was anything else I'd planned that would look great in this color. I'd thought of just trying to find a stitch pattern I loved, and seeing what I could do with it, but I already have one sweater in the works that is self-designed (sort of) and going nowhere, though I suppose it could be if I actually worked on it for awhile. Yes, I am talking about Delphine and that darned cable that is hindering me from even WANTING to work on it.

These two aren't considerations for the WotA, but I love them so much! I will definitely knit them some time! The first seems like yarn substitions will be hard to find. :-(

I also decided to use my purple sock yarn for the Baudelaire socks, instead of the Pomatomus, since I found a (cheap!) perfect watery colored sock yarn to use for them! I don't have it here yet. I don't think I'm a sock knitter, though. I see all these gorgeous sock patterns, and think about how nice it would be to have some warm, handknit socks for wearing in the dorm (and just about anywhere else - my feet are ALWAYS cold!). I'll go as far as picking out the pattern, picking out the yarn, maybe even getting started... then I end up putting them down and forgetting about them, until the next time my feet are freezing and my store bought socks are doing no good (like now!). So, before this fall/winter ends, I will knit at least ONE pair of socks, to see if it's all it's cracked up to be, and plus because I am still dying to have Pomatomi (ses?)!

I need to get back to Gatsby Girl. I'm thinking of finishing the Spiderman 2 hat first... it is looking lovely, although quite fuzzy. SWS stripes beautifully, and the color, Natural Geranium, a blend of pinks, mauve, and blonde, couldn't possibly be prettier... or more me. But I do hate how fuzzy it is.

Oh! I think I just found the perfect sweater! At least, I think it would look pretty in the Hyacinth color, and it's just beautiful... and I think the gauge would work. I'd love to hear your opinions!

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