Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I responded to a post of Wendy's, from KnitandTonic, and she replied mentioning how future anthropologists will someday analyze our stuff. And, yeah, it's probably unlikely that my knitting or anything else I've made will be around for that long, but let's suppose somehow something like that is found. How will they see this refreshing tide of craftiness that has swept over our country? As a rebellion against a society made up of people who do nothing but work and sit in front of TVs and computers all day, against a time when hobbies have been lost (and not entirely due to disinterest, although that is a big part of it - some people I know are simply too tired at the end of the day for their hobbies, and even for their families, which I find heartbreaking... I hope that is never me), against a materialistic society where everything is easy and cheap, but disposable and somewhat meaningless? That's never been a conscious reason for my crafting; it's really just been something to keep me from being bored and it's something I really enjoy doing, but IS that the reason, perhaps, that crafts of all kinds seem to be rather popular now? ARE we tired of our disposable, bored society? Are we tired of working all the time to have "the best," but never having the time or energy to enjoy the things we earn? How long will it last? How long can it last?

Sorry for the lack of pictures in these posts. All I've got are wips that pretty much look the same from day to day. Kinda boring, I think. But maybe more exciting than a post with no picture at all?

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Cookie said...

I think of the current crafting popularity to be an outcome of the internet age. People had been doing it alone for ages, but with the internet we can do it "together" in a way that was never done before. And having a sense of community (even if it's online) keeps people interested in the craft for longer than if they were doing it alone. And it also gives people a chance to find other people nearby to craft with that they never would have found before.

That's my 2c!