Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it

Wow, right now, all of my knitting projects suck. Ok, not really - but I am going to have to do a lot of ripping!

First, Rambling Rose. I knit about half of the ribbing for this, decided I was unhappy with it, because the stitches weren't even enough for my taste, and so I ripped out today. There IS something very satisfying in ripping out a project that has frustrated you. I hate 1x1 rib, but this cardigan will be worth it.

The (Desert) Sunrise Circle jacket is going to look beautiful in the yarn I chose, but my gauge is off, so I'll have to rip back. I don't understand how that happened; it was perfect when I swatched, and I even measured it when I started. But now I'm about two rows off, and it's an inch longer than it should be. I guess I loosened my gauge farther into the piece. I found out I should be knitting a front piece first, anyway, so it's ok.

So, instead of redoing either of the projects I've just mentioned, I started on the Apricot Jacket. The ribbing on it went rather smoothly, and even quickly, until I got to the chart. The directions are very poor in this pattern, and since I hadn't been able to get my edge stitches right, I just cut them out and did 2x2 ribbing, not realizing how it would screw with the chart. I'd read that others did this and still had their jackets come out ok, but I don't know how and now I can't find any of those blogs. So I MAY have to rip that, too... although I really, really hope not.

So I cast that aside, too, and started my first pair of socks, knitty's Pomatomus socks. And now I am in love! I'm not far into the chart at all, but so far, the pattern is very clear and instructive, I can understand the chart, and knitting in the round, I don't have to worry about remembering which way to knit the chart, which is often a problem for me.

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