Friday, April 28, 2006

Why do I need sleep? Time is better spent knitting!

As I can't seem to figure out how to completely do away with my need for sleep, and since I must put my school before all else, I've gotten very little done on my latest project, Rambling Rose. I'm about an inch into the back ribbing. I am far enough to say that I do love the fabric that is working up! The color of the Brown Sheep Cotton Fine I am using, Victorian Pink, is not quite what I'd hoped for (I was picturing my Rose in a beautiful, very pale mauve), but it IS a lovely dusty-rose pink.

I'm finally going to get around to getting another copy of the manual for my sewing machine; soon, I hope. I've found a Butterick pattern for a dress I just HAVE to make, and will be buying it soon. It's supposed to be super easy, which is wonderful as I've no idea how to sew, and really haven't even been able to do a straight hem yet, but I've wanted to learn for the longest time. I also think I've found the perfect fabric online! First, of course, I'll have to try the dress using some $1 fabric from Wal-mart, but if it comes out well, I'll soon have an adorable dress hand-made by me! This is something I won't be able to mess with until my short break in mid-May, which is approaching far too quickly. I'm already nervous about finals! Yikes!

Oh yes, would any of my faithful readers (hahaha!) happen to read Russian? I have found a lovely crochet pattern that needs deciphering!

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