Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ooo, Noro!

Yes, I got my Noro yarn for the butterfly jacket from the Noro Knits book, and WOW. I now know why people go so crazy for Noro. It doesn't feel any softer to me than WotA, but the COLOR! Mine is colorway #74 and it is amazing. Such vivid fuschias, pinks, purples, blues, greens, ohmygosh! I don't have the book with the pattern yet, but now I am going to have to get it sooner, so I can actually work with this wonderful yarn and see how it knits up!

Some very nice person on sent me the Folk Bags book. She didn't even ask me to pay shipping! How sweet. I offered to do a trade, or at least pay shipping. I'm really glad I was able to get it through there, because now I can check it out and decide whether I want to actually buy it, or just knit the one pattern I know I want from this book and send it on its way. I haven't been able to look through it yet, because all of my mail goes to mom's, and I won't be going there until tomorrow. Yay, the break starts tomorrow after my Chemistry final!!!

Also, the Brilla. Oh! This yarn really does have such a wonderful sheen to it; it looks like silk. It's really a beautiful yarn, although I already am not fond of working with it, because it has no elasticity. I knit up a swatch to see whether I could get gauge for the Modeknits' corset top. I was able to get a decent gauge, but I found it difficult to get even stitches, which normally is not too much of a problem for me. So I think I need to get used to working with it before I start my top. I'm also worried about running short - I think I'll have enough with the 4 balls in colorway #400 (a nice, bright red), but I'm not sure. I did read that Marnie Maclean knit hers in the 35" size using just over 4 balls of Brilla, which mades me feel a bit better about it, because I'm knitting mine in the 32" size.

I was able to procure a copy of IK Fall '04, and I didn't have to buy it off of ebay or spend even $20 on it! I've seen it go for between $20 and $40, but I made a post in the Livejournal knitting community, asking whether anyone had a copy, and was able to get it for what it would have regularly cost! All of the patterns are in perfect shape, and that's all I cared about, so yay!

Somehow, I also got in the mail a copy of Jan 2006 Crochet magazine. There are some supercute designs in there. It has a jacket, sweater, and a cropped top that are fab! I also love the idea for the little Christmas trees using Bernat Disco. Which reminds me, I never got my free ball of Disco I'd requested from their special offer.

I haven't had much time to knit because of finals; actually, this week, I've done no knitting at all. Last week, I thought I was making progress joining the flowers on the Ella crochet scarf. I got 4 done (which really did not take long), and thought "boy, this really doesn't look quite right." So I looked more closely at the picture again, gave the pattern another read through, and I'd be danged if I wasn't doing it wrong. Crap! So now I have to take them apart and start that much over.

And... we're getting a kitty! I think. Dusty and I "rescued" this pretty orange stray cat with the intentions of keeping him at Dusty's parents' (his mom oked it). We took him to the vet and discovered he is positive for FIV (which is cat AIDS). Dusty's mom has 3 other cats, so they can't keep the cat. So, now I think my mom is going to keep him until Dusty finds his apt, and then the kitty will stay at Dusty's. I know it sounds crazy to keep a cat who has FIV, but he's such a good and sweet cat, and I think we can handle it. Yay for kitty!

Ok, time to go study for my last exam.


gray la gran said...

i haven't checked the rest of your blog, but figured you have knitted up butterfly by now. and if you have, you found out that simply washing the silk garden yields the soft hand you were looking for to accompany the amazing colors of noro! i just pseudo-finished mine yesterday --- it's blocking and waiting for final details such as having ends woven in and a closure.
happy knitting!

Crystal said...

Ah, butterfly. I wish I'd even started on it. I've not been able to yet, because there were some problems with my order, so I am currently waiting on the book! I have the yarn, just need the pattern... I hate delays like this! :-(

I'm glad to hear the yarn will soften up. I think it's decent now, but it could definitely be better.

I'd love to see yours, but for some reason, your profile is unavailable, so I can't get to your blog!