Monday, March 20, 2006

Silk Corset Top update.

Sorry to disappoint my readers (haha... I'm pretty sure no one reads this!), but no, it's not complete. It IS coming along very nicely! My birthday was on the 16th, and I had to wear something else, something I didn't make. Oh well! I'm really enjoying working on this. The only reason now I'd like to hurry and finish it is that I'm a bit worried I'll run short of yarn. I'm down to having less than 1.5 skeins left, with still two charts to work! I really hope I have enough. Another problem is that it fits, but it's really tight. I mean skin-tight. I know it's supposed to be tight, but I think I needed mine a bit larger. I'm making the 32" size. The only other option was the 35", and my bust is 32.5" or 33", so I thought that would be too big, considering that I've been told my cotton blend yarn is going to STRETCH. I just had an idea about a possibility if I run out of yarn and can't find anymore in the right colorway. I have fat, red, cotton crochet thread I may be able to work with. It's thinner than the DK weight Brilla, but I may at least be able to use it for the crochet edging, if I need to. Hopefully, I'll have enough yarn to finish.

I've not had much time for knitting, so I'm not really working on any other projects. I really want to finish my fish bag! I've found several other bags in the book I'd love to make, too... but first, I need to get back to the Delphine sweater. Too many beautiful things to knit, with too little time to devote to them!

I do have another project in mind, although I'm not really sure yet about all the details. I'm seeing a light, lacy stole/wrap-with-sleeves (similar to the one from Rebecca, but much lighter). Maybe something like Eunny Jang's Print O' the Wave stole, with sleeves. Basically, a long, lacy rectangle, with two armholes worked in, and then sleeves grafted. I believe the Rebecca one is worked in halves and then grafted together. I think it would be really neat to find a lace pattern that looks pretty with the stitch used on the Pomatomus socks from knitty, and use that stitch pattern for the sleeves (my arms always get cold!). Or something like that, anyway. I just realized the Rebecca wrap looks soft and romantic and flattering on the model, but on me, it would just look bulky. It would not flatter my figure at all. I've seen wraps on Stitch Diva similar to what I'm planning, but they are too "modern," and not really soft or romantic. Maybe that's just the way they have them on the models. I also haven't been able to find anyone on Google who has made one of those wraps.

I'm really excited about Eunny Jang's brocade jacket plans. That is just going to be amazing; I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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