Sunday, August 29, 2010


As may be apparent, there has been a lack of updating for longer than usual. I have had a busy summer that has mainly consisted of conducting my graduate research. Not much in the way of crafting has been done, although I have done some artwork. However! I am going to be updating more frequently as I have begin the initial planning for my Mardi Gras costume. I even painted the "brass slippers" yesterday! I'll end this post with a photo of shoes in their current painted-but-unfinished condition.

*Note: these are not spray painted, but hand painted with acrylic paint mixed in a medium designed for fabrics. So, they are not any more stiff after being painted than they were before. Actually, they seem quite comfortable. I bought these shoes as "damaged items" from Vintique Online. They are REALLY beautiful in person, but I do not recommend attempting to tea dye them, or heating them in any way. Suffice to say, I almost ruined this pair trying to dye them. The heat melted the glue and I had to super glue them back together in places. Now I am hoping they will hold up to a day at the French Quarter! One of the heels feels a bit weak.

Also in the works is redecorating a hat inspired by Anthropologie's Topiary Hat.

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