Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fabric Questions

So, let's say you had the pattern for this dress and you wanted to make it. What fabric would you use? I am really planning on making up one of my vintage dress patterns soon, and this may be the one. I think it's just fabulous.

No update on the knitting progress, as there has been very little. I did start on a bag for Dusty's mom over the weekend, but I'm not completely happy with it yet, so it's not finished. I'll have pics of it when I do finish, though... fortunately, I never have to worry about her running across the blog, since she doesn't really use the internet. hehe.


Karin said...

That's lovely!!

I would use like a satin type for the dress and use a velvet/velour for the shrug part on top.

ShannonAnn said...

Erin had one like that up on in red. It looks like silk, but that's just my guess.

Marji said...

I've got that pattern and made a muslin for fit last summer. I'm planning on cutting it just as soon as I get some other things finished - at this point I'm using a wool/cashmere blend satin suiting. I had planned to use a silk jacquard, and may still make this twice, as I just love the lines.
I left you a note on the Pattern Review message board, but I wasnt' sure you'd see it.