Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Creative Encounter

You may or may not have noticed a new link on my sidebar. It says M. Douglas Walton.

This story begins, as many do, with an open door. This time, literally, an open door.

At least once a day I visit the basement of GTM, going to the Micro lab, since I am lab assisting this quarter. I pass a certain room on my way. The door is always open, and inside is a table full of curiosities - ornate fabrics, masks, models of boats, umbrellas, and more. Beyond them, you can see people inside, but I could not tell what they were doing. Every time I passed the room, I would look and wonder why it was there. Yesterday, I could contain my curiosity no longer. I walked inside, and discovered that beyond that table is a very large room, full of paints. I asked what exactly this was for and whether it was a class. A nice woman replied that it was a workshop, so pretty much a class, but the instructor was out. She said I should come back to talk to him, and I did.

He was very nice, entertaining, and friendly, and liked that I came in to satisfy my curiosity, saying that most people never take that step. I loved the random, unique, interesting, and colorful style in which he painted and taught his class. He invited me to come in this morning to watch him do a demonstration, and so I got up earlier than usual to go. I watched, fascinated, as he showed the class what he wanted them to do, and stayed as long as I could. Finally, I had to leave for class, but not before he told me when he'll be offering another class. I really hope to take it in September... I feel it will be a wonderful experience! I visited again in the afternoon, and sat in on his critiquing students' work, which he did in a very nice manner. Anyway, his art is so beautiful and interesting. There's not a lot of artwork posted right now, but keep checking! It will be worth it.

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